A petition has been initiated requesting a taxi driver in Glasgow to suspend the license after a dispute with the passenger.

Kenneth Clarke selected a female passenger outside Glasgow Central Station. She asked to be taken to the bank, but when she realized that the driver was heading to the wrong store, the woman became aggressive and began to spit.

The driver stopped the taxi, then the woman came out, started to drive, rushed to the vehicle, and then attacked Kenneth.

Last week, when Kenneth was brought before the Glasgow City Council Licensing Committee, he punched a woman who claimed to be self-defense.

Police in Scotland did not file an allegation against Kenneth. After the incident, a woman was arrested and charged for assault and sabotage.

A police spokesperson said: “The police found an incident in South Frederick Street, Glasgow in March 2019. An extensive investigation was conducted and a 28-year-old woman was arrested, charged and reported to the prosecutor. Related to vandalism.”

After discussing and watching the video of the event, the lawmakers decided to suspend Kenneth’s license after the discussion.

Now, a campaign to support the taxi driver has been carried out and he is asked to return the permit to him.

Wallingford Taxi Services says, Since its launch two days ago, 1,678 people have signed online petitions.

The petition reads: “Kennickak has been driving for more than 30 years, is working, has to face a difficult woman who has punched a punch, kicked him more than 20 times, and tried to crush his taxi, he has been suspended To protect his taxi and himself, completely disappointed, because you can clearly see his self-defense behavior in the video!

“I am making this petition to raise public awareness that this is unacceptable, why is he beaten at work and cancels his license to protect himself?”

You can view the full petition here.

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