A Glasgow taxi driver was suspended for hitting a woman after attacking him and his taxi, and received strong support from the local community.

Kenny Clark is a taxi driver with more than 30 years of service experience. He took the woman from Glasgow Central Station. A subsequent dispute resulted in the taxi driver and his vehicle being attacked by the woman.

Before being called a woman’s boxing in self-defense, he was kicked and kicked and kicked more than 20 times.

Although the Scottish police did not take any action against Mr. Clark and his alleged attackers were arrested and charged by the police, the Glasgow City Council suspended the taxi driver’s license.

A petition was subsequently launched to try to get the Glasgow City Council to revoke the suspension and resume Mr. Clark’s license.

The petition received extensive support for nearly 2,500 signatures in just a few days.

The Glasgow City Council decided to suspend the taxi driver’s license. There was some anger. Michelle Bussky said in the comments section of the petition: “This man has lost his 6-month livelihood after being beaten for his work! Disgusting Yes, he responded but he and I were repeatedly beaten. I saw politicians reacting after being attacked by eggs without being disciplined. Reinstate the license!”

According to Maidenhead Taxis“After this kind of beggar’s belief, people’s livelihoods have been taken away for six months. I think this person is very restrained and should be praised and should not be condemned.”

The founder of the petition, just known as JM, said: “I am making this petition to raise public awareness. This is unacceptable. Why should he be beaten at work and protected? Revoke his license by himself!”

I hope the petition can present 10,000 signatures and help overturn the decision.

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