The claim that Coventry taxi drivers are considered to be the richest man in the country has been underestimated by angry drivers – they say it can’t be farther from the truth.

The claim was made in a study by taxi printer expert Able Systems, which said the Coventry taxi driver was the highest paid outside London.

Able Systems claims that Coventry’s drivers total nearly £65,000 a year.

Several Hackney Carriage drivers in Coventry contacted CoventryLive, saying that this is definitely not the case.

Not only that, but because of the rise of Uber and the increase in urban driving license fees, their income has gradually decreased.

If this is not enough, they say they will be further punished by strict new emission regulations, which will take effect in January next year.

Singh Gil, the driver of the Coventry taxi branch, said he and other drivers were surprised by the salary claim, which he said was not true at all.

The data used by Able Systems’ research includes a summary of the average fare paid per trip and the frequency of taxi use, as well as the number of taxis in a particular area to estimate the average salary of the taxi driver.

Mr. Singh Gill said: “Now, most drivers need to spend between 40 and 50 pounds per shift, which doesn’t have much impact after you take out the fuel.”

He said Uber’s rise – even if Uber drivers are not licensed in Coventry – are also working hard against Coventry’s black taxi drivers.

Uber drivers are currently registered with other authorities but work in Coventry.

“In fact, Uber is doing most of the work in the city,” he said.

“The driver can wait for an hour and a half to find a job.”

Covent’s response to the difficulties faced by the taxi driver was Jaz Singh’s response, Jaz Singh said that if he obtained recent research, he would buy a new electric electric vehicle manufactured by the London Electric Vehicle Company (LEVC) in the city. taxi.

He said: “If we earn more than 60,000 pounds a year, I bought an electric taxi a few months ago.”

He added: “A recent survey showed that “we have not been exposed to the problem of how much we earn.” ”

Another driver, Yusuf Bismillah, said that the fuel form of the Coventry taxi driver, the city taxi company’s radio rental fee and the driver’s license fee, has recently increased by 39%.

He said: “I want to say that our annual maximum wage is 25,000 pounds – and work at least 11 hours a day.”

Mohammad Amjad highlighted its difficulty by pointing out the number of shots he had this week’s workday.

“It came out at 6 o’clock this morning, it just started at 2 pm, I have spent 40 pounds – this is before deducting fuel or any other expenses,” he said.

Mr. Amjad said that even though the rise of online shopping has affected taxi drivers, Uber has the biggest impact.

“Uber is about 60% of our income,” he said.

Uber concerns

Another driver, Gurdish Shima, stressed the driver’s concerns about Uber.

He said: “Uber cars operating in this city may be more than Hackney Carriage and private leases.

“If you look at the Uber licenses that operate in the area, the number after they are released is within 3,000 seconds, and now it has reached 10,000.”

As mentioned earlier, many Uber vehicles operating in Coventry are actually licensed by the Wolverhampton City Council – they are not licensed by the Coventry City Council.

Mr. Shima added: “They don’t have to go through the same checks.”

As for the so-called £65,000 salary, he said: “If we earn £65,000, then we will drive a great electric taxi – we won’t talk to you here.”

Mr. Singh Gill said that drivers were hit in many ways, and it is particularly noteworthy that their driver’s license fees paid to the board increased by 39%.

People are also worried that new emissions regulations will cause some drivers to call every day.

Starting in January, only vehicles with Euro 4 engines can be renewed, and new applicants must have zero-emission engines.

Drivers’ fears

Drivers are worried that the action “may reduce the volume of transactions by half” and said that the cost of upgrading the vehicle may be between 60,000 and 70,000 pounds, and the council only needs to provide £2,591 for the first 60 cars to help make up. cost.

According to Uxbridge Taxis,  “The costs of the council have increased by 39%. The emission rules they have proposed mean that some drivers have only four months left, and then they may lose their livelihood.

“When drivers have to deal with all their problems, they will be told that their annual income is £65,000, and the most obvious thing is not real expenses.”

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