When the county magistrates asked Wiltshire taxi drivers to propose their own new county tariff plan.

However, some city companies and lawmakers believe that a tariff, including standard late-night fees, is “unfair” and “make drivers inferior in the city”.

Some people related to Salisbury’s nightlife also claim that lower tariffs on other parts of the county will attract more gamblers.

But the Wiltshire County Council confirmed this week its plan to maintain a single tariff.

In response, Salisbury MP Atiqul Hoque said that although the rest of the county had approved standard tariffs, the Salisbury drivers wanted more flexibility.

He said: “Wiltshire tariffs are a problem in Salisbury’s late-night economy. “The fundamental difference is that everyone else is satisfied with a tariff in Salisbury. ”

According to the Marlow Taxis, the county currently uses a five-tariff system. The driver charges a maximum of £2 per mile, rises to £3 after 10:30, and rises to four miles after 2:30.

However, these tariffs have been slammed by the city taxi company All The Sevens – the company itself uses a separate payment system.

Its director Gary Taylor said: “The problem lies in the Wiltshire County Council and the stupid high tariffs they set.

“We still use the old three-tariff system, which is a separate tariff for day, night and Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve.

“The committee has a five-tariff system in which taxi-level independent taxi drivers can charge higher prices. They have not done anything wrong because it is in the system but comes out of a nightclub in Salisbury. People don’t always want to call a taxi company, they just go to the number one taxi and may end up charging more.”

He added: “I feel sorry for the people of Salisbury and their late night economy because they are suffering.

“These independent drivers, and they have not done anything wrong, are charging hugely inflated prices, especially after 2:30 in the morning.”

The trade representative will propose a new proposal for Wiltshire taxi fares by December 10.

Visit: wiltshire.gov.uk

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